After clicking the reference in the previous line a page provided by a server appears. Click the button "Stahnout".

A window with the title "Stazeni souboru" appears. The window has three section: "Neomezene stahovani", "Omezene stahovani" and "Rychla registrace".

If you are not going to register and pay for a faster and more comfortable download, use the middle section "Omezene stahovani".

Write the text written in deformed letters into a rectangle below. This is a safeguard against web robots. If the deformed text is too difficult, click "Jiny obrazek" (right to the deformed letters).

If the letters are correctly copied, click "Stahnout". A standard Save-file dialog appears. Save the file to an appropriate location in your computer.

The file is a "zipped" file that must be "unzipped" in a standard way. If this is new for you, ask an experienced computer user.

After extraction, you will obrain a directory containing subsirectories }with a date in the name] that contain photos of the coresponding day. Each subdirectory has a corresponding text file, a description of photos (unfortunately the English version of the desription is not yet finished).